Change is afoot

We make changes

Some things are OK as they are and we know we can always make improvements, this is something to be proud of and we are getting excited about what we’re going to be able to bring to you.

We’re all about facilitating positive change for you as an individual, community group or organisation for a brighter future, and so when it comes to changes and improvements for us we take it seriously – because the work we do is for our shared future on our relatively tiny blue home: Earth, and that’s important to us and we’re sure, you too.

For now you’ll just see a change in our website presentation. We’re continuing to make changes in the background to provide to you a much better and clearer services.

We’ll  be launching forth towards a bright horizon ourselves as a new team over the next few months. So please do check-in with us here from time to time; message us anytime by email or using our secure contact page; and, also connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for announcements, events, shares and instant messaging.

You’ll be able to find more about coaching, facilitation and therapeutic services previously provided on this site, on Audaye’s website here:




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